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I'm a 20-something, single, college student. I'm going to college to become a missionary to carry the gospel to the utter parts of the world. The only draw back to this is that the pickings for a girl are rather slim, with the whole missions thing, but as the Lord wills.

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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Some new things

Well, hello. It's been a while. Well there have been a few new developments in my life. First, I have a new cellphone. It a sanyo Katana, it's a super nice phone. Secondly, I have switched operating systems. I now am a Ubuntu user. Haha, I can make fun of Windows users. Thirdly, Amanda and I are now dating. I asked her dad tonight. YAY! Anways, this is just a small update. I might post a longer post later.

Saturday, September 30, 2006


I see them everywhere--I see them in class, on a couch in a corner, standing outside in the cold, or even in the infamous gazebo. They are the Maranatha dating couples. I must admit to having had a membership in this elite club once. I sat in the gazebo and on the couches. I went to the late night skates for the simple reason of the couple’s skate. I spent 6,000 minutes a month on my cell phone. And as I look back at the wasted time, I look around and see others suffering where I was.
Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against dating. It’s the quasi-married couples that evoke my distain. It all starts when they go “official” and feel like they must spend every waking minute together. All their free time must be spent on their cell phones or in writing notes or in thinking about writing notes or talking on their cell phones. They know they’ll be quizzed later on their time usage. Why didn’t you call me?
It’s getting out of control. I think now of all the time I wasted. I could have been playing video games, flying kites, or making s’mores. But seriously, when I could have been getting closer to God, hanging out with my guy friends, or when I should have been doing homework, I spent all my time on my girlfriend idol.
I was once a semi-married man. I was stuck in relational limbo. Pushed and expected to do things that have never been available before let alone expected. There were ways to act, things to do, things to say, and it all came so naturally. But shouldn’t that send up a red flag?
How many things that come naturally are good? Let’s see: eating, sleeping, sinning. Now you are thinking, Hold on a minute, did you just equate dating with sin? Well, yes and no. Dating is not a just a physical reaction, such as eating or sleeping. But it is an attitude and action, similar to sin. While I don’t think that dating is sinful, I do think that as sinners we have a natural man and we give our natural man is given a little too much leeway in our dating.
It all starts with a glance. They get to school after living in a small Christian community where they weren’t allowed to date, or there were no eligible members of the opposite sex. They get to school and are expected to find their spouse in a day and college is Old Country Buffet. Pick what ever you like from the line. Going from no dating to being expected to find you life’s mate pushed me over the edge too. The only question my parents ask about my relationship is found a cute girl yet? Before I came the school my freshman year my dad gave me some advise. Start saving for a ring now. What? Aren’t you jumping that gun a little early?
As good Christians, we know to keep our physical purity. But the protection of the heart is just as important as the protection of the body. To give a heart away prematurely is a emotional fornication. I gave my heart away to early and I know I won’t get part of it back. I look in the eyes of these couples and see them heading down the same road. These pseudo-spouses are giving parts of their hearts to every person they date and collecting a few on their
If kids aren’t being taught how to date, how will they learn? They needed somebody to show them, before they start dating, how to guard their heart. A break up shouldn’t be like a divorce and unfortunately most are. And it‘s so easy to get too attached.
I have since learned to guard my heart. I have my scars and I have my stories. I want to save these kids from what I had to go through. I want to keep these kids from a divorce of the heart. First loves rarely work out, despite what Sweet Home Alabama wants you to think. While dating my first girlfriend, I kept telling myself that we would beat the stats. We didn’t.
Love is blind and love is deaf. I didn’t listen to others that were smarter and wiser. I didn’t listen to the signs people told me they saw. I need to tell these kids to listen to what I didn’t. Dating should never be your number one priority and to many it has become so. Dating is an idol when his is what it becomes. Singleness is a gift, but not a permanent one. Enjoy it while you can. We’ll be married most on our lives, what’s the rush?

Saturday, September 02, 2006

God ain't no pussy cat!

This is the testimony I wanted to give in chapel, but every time I was about to stand up Dr. Oats said that we had enough. Since I couldn't use the Student Body (I'm back at Maranatha for those of you who don't know) I will use the whole internet as my private soapbox.

This last fall semester (2005) I had a trial in my life. Through this trial God really showed me a clear picture of myself, needless to say, I didn't like what I saw. To add insult to injury, I decided that to return to Maranatha in the Spring would not be a wise idea. So through finances and this testing, I didn't return. I am so glad God didn't allow me to return. Don't get me wrong I love Maranatha, I did eventually return. But I was so wrapped up with certain aspects of my life. I had made a few idols of my own, which is why I had this huge trail in my life. So during the spring semester and summer I had got to just learn about Jesus, see the real Christ. Since God had shown me my own short comings, I was given the opportunity to real focus on the correction of these significant faults. God use the fact that I could read at my job, and gave me several great titles that changed my life (anything about Jim Elliot). He also used the Internship to teach me about him while I was ministering to these kids. He used my leading songs in the handicapped class to teach me to be willing to do things that I am uncomfortable doing. He just streched me and caused me to grow. Now your probably wondering why the title of this post is "God ain't no pussy cat". The reason I named it that is that I am so grateful that God isn't just a plush Teddy-bear god. They tipping point for me was this incredibly difficult trial. And God used that. He is willing to do seemingly hurtful things (in our limited knowledge) to teach us and change us. He is not here to make us feel good, but to make us good. And to make us good we sometimes have to feel pain. In retrospect that trials was the best thing that has every happened to me. For some reason this remind me of the classic allegory of the Bible, CS lewis's Lion, Witch and Wardrobe. In the book the children are take to the beavers house. They get on the topic of Aslan and the following conversation takes place:

"Then he isn't safe?" asked Lucy.

"Safe?" said Mr. Beaver. "Don't you hear what Mrs. Beaver tells you? Who said anything about safe? 'Course he isn't safe. But he's good. He's the King, I tell you."

For me this is one of the most profound things I have heard. God isn't one to let us live our lives comfortably but not completely. God wants us be strive for Him. God doesn't want us to be nice, or to be safe, he wants us to be good. That is the way He is. To be good people though we will most likely have to taste the sting of pain. GOD is not here to make US feel good, but WE are here to bring HIM glory. When all is said and done those pains, those trials, those things in our lives that hurt the most, are the things that will shape and change us most. When we become more like Christ we will be glad we had those testing whether those testing brought you to God, or brought you back to God. Whether they added a new dimension to you life or removed a spiritual cancer. I am glad God isn't a pussy cat, but he is the Lion of Judah.

Monday, July 17, 2006

RANDOM FACTS (inspired by Hanni who was inspired by Jef who was, I'm sure, inspired by someone I don't know)

Ok, Here is a post, it a filler post, cuz I'm writing one. You know the deep one's, the one's that change your life ( yes, I am aware that one's is not a word...but I like it). So here are some random facts about me.

~I love to draw

~I was on the Discover Channel

~I've been sued

~I love sushi, even though I live in a town that most people don't know what that is

~I have a strange desire to go bungie jumping...thanx 5takes.

~I've been in 2 car wrecks...OK I caused 2 car wrecks...been clean for 2 years now, though.

~If I was a dog I'd be a Golden Retriever

~If I was a car I would be a Magnum

~If I was a movie Dad I would Chevy Chase off the Vacation movies

~I used to have a Magic:TG card collection, and used to have a coin collection....and a stamp collection...I'm a collector....OK PackRat

~My personality type makes up less the 1% of the worlds population...long live INFP's

~If I lived in the Medieval Times I would be a Benevolent King

~I'm addicted to books

~I am an adrenaline junkie

~I can't spell worth beans

~I have a 52" chest...and it's not fat...mostly

~I wear size 14 shoes

~I was a very well decorated soccer goalie in high school

~I broke a persons leg in soccer

~I made a person need to be flight-for-lifed out of a prison school during a soccer game....all I did was stang there when he ran into me....he got a red card

~ummm...thas about enough

Well, there are a few weird and interesting facts about me, James Thomas E----- IV....yes that is my full name. This is far from a complete list, but just a few of the highlights.

Saturday, June 17, 2006


OK, It's my first Vlog so just laugh and hope for improvements.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Kintaro Walks Japan

I know it's long, but it's really good. I highly recommend this so...WATCH IT!!!

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I'M BACK!!!!

Well, hello all!! I am back. These last few weeks have been a crazy time of transitions, new opportunities, learning and growth. But they have been busy. Firstly I must say congrats to Taylor Hicks, i called it from the beginning, he has such a personality, and not a stuck up one. Congrats to BJ and Tyler from Amazing Race, called that one too. I would alss like to encourage all of you to watch tylers movie, Kintaro walks Japan. I will put up a post with an imbeded video soon. OK, so you all are wondering what new new in the life of James, and if your not, I'll tell you anyways. First bad news....backpacking is expensive, I'm going to do it, but it will not be easy getting the equipment. Yes Kintaro inspired me. I had to give up teaching the little kids on weds. nights and leading songs for the mental handicapt. BUT the good news I and now the interm youth pastor....kinda...i do all the stuff with out the title. So that is one of the things that has been keeping me busy, designing a ciriculum for a summer youth program...for scratch, all the activies, kids, promotion. We has a big summer bash planned and i need to get studing for my challenge. Secondly I have switched to full time at my job and my first shifts were midnights to 6am. So most of my day was shot from sleeping. Thirdly I am teachinf my self Japanese...not reason, except for the desire to learn it...and it will make me look smart. i hope to start up posting somewhat regularly...but I can't Promise. I hope you have a great day and talk to you soon. Chotto shituri shimasu. Sayoonara.
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